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This new iPhone 8 Concept Shows All-Glass Front, Invisible Front Camera, and More

As we are approaching closer to the second half of 2017, the leaks, rumors, reports, and even conceptual ideas related to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 are picking up the pace. We have seen numerous iPhone Edition (one of the many names being used for the 10th-anniversary Edition of iPhone) concepts. Some of them or great and there are bad ones as well. This new video of ConceptsiPhones showing an iPhone Edition concept falls into the category great concepts.

iphone edition concept

Thiago M. Duarte and Ran Avni of the ConceptsiPhones have put together a video showing their own imagination of an “iPhone Edition.” The video walks you through various oft-rumored iPhone features and as well as a few new tweaks. If this visual concept of the iPhone 8 come to fruition, it would certainly be a thing to look at and hold in your hand.

The concept video walks you through various features that the designer envisions for Apple’s 10th-anniversary edition. It shows the front of the device completely covered with an all-glass OLED panel from top edge to the bottom. The concept also visualizes the rumored Function area where the Home button resides on the current iPhone 7. If Apple successfully pulls off the Functions area, it is going to be a pretty solid feature.

There are two camera lenses on the back side of the concept phone which are horizontally aligned, as opposed to many recent rumors. One rumor that has been consistent over the last few months is that the next iPhone is going to have its main cameras vertically aligned rather than horizontally as found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

One other prominent feature of this iPhone Edition concept in the fingerprint sensor integrated within the display, which is the most controversial feature among rumors. The designer also visualizes a front-facing camera embedded into the display and after having a look at it, it seems like Apple won;t be going this route.

The concept video also demos the rumored quad speaker feature for the iPhone 8. We have embedded the concept video after the jump, have look for yourself.

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