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iPhone 8 Renders Created Based on Recently Leaked Schematics Envision Touch ID on the Back

A few days ago, alleged schematics of the upcoming iPhone 8 were leaked into the wild. Now a designer has created new renders based off those schematics to give us a glimpse at what Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8’s rear panel may look like when it is launched later this fall.

iphone 8 renders2

The key features highlighted in these renders are the vertical camera lens and a mysterious hold right below the Apple logo on the back side of the device. These two features were the point of attention in the recent schematics of the device.

It is widely speculated that Apple is targeting to remove the physical Home button from the front side of the device and will replace it with an in-display touch-sensitive home button. This will help the company achieve its target of introducing the whole front covered with display in the iPhone 8. The in-display fingerprint sensor seems to be the bottleneck here for Apple.

iphone 8 renders1

Some reports in the past couple f weeks suggested that Apple is facing high-scale production difficulties with the fingerprint sensor beneath the display. This may force Apple to move the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device as found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. As thought by many, the renders created based off the leaked schematics, clearly shows that the fingerprint sensor on the back of the iPhone doesn’t look good as all.

These renders were created by an Instagrammer who goes by the name bro.king who seems to be very proficient at what he does. While the fingerprint sensor on the back doesn’t look good and we still can’t decide if this would grow on us if the leak turns out to be true. Only the time will tell.

The renders show an iPhone that has a form factor clues taken from the iPhone 5s shape than the current curvy iPhone 7 and emulate silver aluminum. Please keep in mind that this is a render created based off an allegedly leaked schematics. It may turn out to be accurate, but we expect to get better ideas about upcoming iPhone 8 when the real parts begin to leak out of the manufacturing facilities.

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