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iOS 10.3 Fixes the Bug that Caused iPhone to Repeatedly Dial 911

Recently, Apple officially released the iOS 10.3 final version to the public. This update included various bugs fixes and a plethora of new features which were spectated by users. Back in October, a young boy created an exploit using javascript which had forced iOS devices to call 911 multiple times. Now, the report from The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that this flaw is completely fixed in the latest iOS update iOS 10.3.

As mentioned above, this flaw was an exploit attack on iOS which was developed by an 18-year old boy who used JavaScript to create the exploit which caused iOS malfunction i.e popping up alerts, opening random apps, or making emergency calls. To show the effectiveness of his exploit, he coded in a way that causes iPhones to dial 911 frequently. As for the result, the boy got arrested for what he has done and charged with four counts of computer tampering after causing a huge traffic load to 911 center by getting thousands of calls at a time.

Apple has focused on the problem and worked out with different app developers to find out the solution and in iOS 10.3, this flaw is removed.

The code only triggered 911 calls from iPhones, exploiting a feature in the smartphone’s software that allows users to click on a phone number and immediately initiate a call.

Apple says the update supersedes that capability and now requires users to always press a second confirmation before initiating a call.

Recently, a cyber security expert stated how big the problem was, explaining that getting thousands of calls at a time declared one 911 center in “immediate danger” of losing services. The head of Government affairs at one trade group told the media that the results could have been devastated if the exploit attack was created just only to disable 911 system services nation-wide.

“If this was a nation-state actor that wanted to damage or disable 911 systems during an attack, they could have succeeded spectacularly,” says Trey Forgety, director of government affairs at the National Emergency Number Association, a 911 trade group.

Apple had responded to the issue by announcing an incoming fix for it. iOS 10.3 is that fix. iOS 10.3 includes a variety of new features and numerous security fixes. Apple has confirmed that this iOS 10.3 was the effort to work out the solution for 911 exploit this is now officially available. The fix for this specific bug is one of the many reasons to update tot he latest iOS 10.3

Apple has also started working on iOS 10.3.2 beta version and has also released iOS 10.3.1 which bring 32-bit devices compatibility.

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