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Galaxy S8 Facial Unlocking Feature can Easily be Tricked with a Photo

With the release of new Samsung galaxy S8 & S8+ yesterday, the Samsung has introduced some most advanced features that a Smartphone can have nowadays. One of its cool new features is Facial recognition and IRIS scanner that is used by front-camera of the Samsung’s Latest SmartPhone.

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Samsung has tried its best to provide the best stylish design for users. As for that, they have removed the home button by proving touch button and for security purpose, touch sensor has been moved to the back with the rear camera. However, you won’t be using this sensor much because the company has provided facial recognition in order to save your time from using fingers. So, for this new feature, every user must have thought about its security. One must have a question about if it could be hacked or bypassed.

It did not take long for someone to come up with workarounds to access the device by bypassing its facial recognition check. The folks over at iDeviceHelp found out a flaw which they have shown in their hands-on video about Samsung S8’s biometric system.

In the video, it is shown that how easy it is to bypass Samsung Galaxy S8’s facial recognition simply by waving a photograph of the owner of the device. This video clearly shows how unsafe this facial recognition system is at this stage and not as secure as it must be. Anyone can take owner’s pic and use it as a proof of being the owner and bypass the facial recognition check. It is believed that the device is the demo is only in a testing stage and Samsung will Hopefully fix this bug before shipping it on April 21. However, we strongly believe that iris scanner and the fingerprint scanner will remain the most secure options to protect your device from an unauthorized usage.

The security related questions are arising in the customers’ mind and there are only a few weeks left for the official release of Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ when all those questions are gonna get answered. However, an inner resource from Samsung confirmed it that if someone has set up facial recognition as security, it may even get unlocked by the face of the person while sleeping or even with a photo.

“For now, the facial recognition technology is only intended for fun,” that person concluded. “It should not be considered as a foolproof security measure.”

Moreover, the report given by Mashable stated that Samsung has admitted that this facial recognition is not a foolproof security measure. Hence, it will not be used for Samsung Pay.

“Samsung made it clear to me that its facial unlocking technology is not their most secure biometric system,” reads the article. “In fact, it can’t be used for purchases with Samsung Pay. For that, you still must use the fingerprint reader on that back.”

The front-facing iris scanner can, however, be used for Samsung pay and unlocking the smartphone.

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