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Apple Testing iPhone 8 with Flat OLED Screen, Curved Glass, Dual Front Cameras, Software Home Button [Report]

Apple is widely expected to launch three new models for its iPhone lineup later this fall. A new report from the Mark Gurman of the Bloomberg shed some more light on the iPhone 8. Based on his sources and backing many of the previous reports and rumors, Gurman believes that two of these new iPhone models will be an upgrade of the current iPhone 7 and a top-of-the-line smartphone with an overhauled design.

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While sharing some more tidbits about the 10th-anniversary Edition iPhone, Mark Gurman said that it is going to be a redesigned iPhone with an OLED screen, curved glass, advanced cameras, and stainless steel materials. Those who are anxiously waiting for a redesigned iPhone will have to wait for an additional one or two months after the typical fall introduction due to supply constraints.

Gurman claims that the overhauled iPhone 8 is going to have an OLED display which is going to be bigger and better than the current iPhone displays. The display glass will be curved on the edges and it will be covering the whole front of the device with no physical home button. The phone will have stainless steel bezels and a software home button.

Talking about the cameras, he added that the iPhone 8 is going to have advanced camera setup. The main cameras will be vertically aligned on the back side of the device instead of horizontally as found on the iPhone 7 Plus. Apple is also testing dual-camera setup from front-side of the device as well, one of his sources claimed.


Gurman believes that the iPhone 8 is coming out at a critical time for Apple because its arch-rival has already unveiled its latest Galaxy S8 smartphone which seems to be a hit phone even before its launch because of its minimal bezel, gorgeous OLED display which is curved on the edges. He thinks that Apple will really be going up against Galaxy S8 with its iPhone 8 smartphone.

He also said that it is going to be a win on two fronts for the Samsung because the company’s mobile devices have announced a gorgeous smartphone with top of the lines specs and its display and chip divisions will be supplying components for the iPhone 8. He suggested that Apple has to buy OLED panels from Samsung because the likes of LG, Sharp, and Japan Display are not yet ready to supply these panels in large quantities.

Gurman also believes that despite Samsung launching a hit phone, people are going to like a redesigned iPhone 8. People, for iPhone, people really loves a redesign, just like the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6. He also added that it won’t come as a surprise if Apple launches the two upgraded model with $750 base price and the anniversary Editions goes beyond that.

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