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Apple Getting Closer to Test Self-Driving Car Software

It was not too long ago when Apple was first rumored to be working on building their own actual car and after that, the rumors started to make rounds on regular basis. Shifting from actual Apple car manufacturing to machine learning and artificial intelligence system that will be used inside cars, the rumor has evolved through several months.

apple car mockup

Now a new report from Business Insider suggests that Apple has finally registered itself with the state of California to test shelf-driving cars int he border. Apple’s name is one of the many companies that appeared on Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permits list. The list is available at the California Department of Motor Vehicles website today and Apple’s name has appeared fot the first time.

It is not yet confirmed that Apple is still working on a car of its own, but one thing this report confirms that Apple is indeed moving forward with testing when it comes to self-driving cars. That could also mean leaning towards software, rather than a push into hardware.

Another report from Bloomberg says that Apple is working on software. The registration ofAutonomous Vehicle Testing Permits in California means that Apple is pushing towards testing its self-driving software platform on the public road. The report further adds that the registration covers only existing cars, including the Lexus RX450h SUV lineup.

It is exciting to know about Apple diversifying its business model by pushing towards self-driving cars industry. Future is going to be interesting to live in.

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