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“iPhone Limitless” concept visualises Jony Ive’s ‘single slab of glass’ Idea

After so many reports and rumors, it seems pretty clear that Apple is aiming for an utterly bezel-free iPhone 8 meant to be launched later this year. While numerous reports claim a fingerprint reader embedded into the display, it seems likely that the components such as camera, speaker, and light sensor will still need some top bezel.

iphone 8 limitless

Considering Jony Ive’s imagination of an iPhone that’d appear to be made up of nothing but a single sheet of glass, a new concept has surfaced that shows how Jony’s ambitious goal might look like.

Daniel Csonth’s concept of a futuristic iPhone with nothing but a glass body seems far-fetched for now. But it is now possible to embed the fingerprint reader, speakers, and light sensors right into the display, and there are at least thoughts on how the same can be achieved for the cameras, so this concept is a vision that is likely to be realized at some point in the future.

For the camera module, Csonth thinks of an interim workaround in the form of a circular hole in the display where the status bar appears to allow the camera to peek through the screen.

A report from renowned KGI analyst suggests that Apple might be aiming for a compromise in which the display will expand all the way to bottom edge. But, the area below the actual display will be used as a ‘function area’ that would also include embedded fingerprint sensor and the Home button. It is also being rumored that the status bar will also be relocated to this area, maximizing the usable screen area.

A full-screen iPhone would also mean that it must have an excellent palm rejection mechanism in place. Otherwise, the content towards the edges of the display will inadvertently be activated simply by holding the phone in the hand. However, Apple has already shown excellent progress in this area with its massive tracpad on 2016 MacBook Pro that eaisly ignors accidental touches.

Share your thoughts on this ‘single sheet of glass’ concept. It is appealing to you?

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