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iOS 11 Concept Envisions Night Mode, Multiple Users and More

As iOS 10 has been called as the best iOS yet. However, users expected Apple to add more features to the iOS 10. Different apps with 3D-touch feature were introduced in this iOS. However, iPhone users always waited for the apple to introduced new iOS with more & more functions with better optimisation. Currently, most of the Apple fans are waiting for the release of iPhone 8 which is expected to be unveiled in September and with every latest device, Apple will also launch its latest mobile operating system; iOS 11 this year.

ios 11 concept

iPhone 8 model available at the Apple store will be the first device to rock Apple’s latest iOS 11 operating system. So, we can say Apple is not breaking their norm of launching new OS every year by not choosing 2017 as their leading year. Now that there are six months left for the release of iOS 11 which is expected to be introduced at WWDC 2017, users are curious to learn about the new features Apple has planned for the iOS 11.

Different designers showed their skills for different styles, themes, features which can be added in the new iOS 11. These iOS concepts are also good for users as they get to know what iOS may look like in future. Some of these concepts are worth looking at as they may give us different ideas about how iOS may look like.

This is a Two-minute concept video on Youtube by Jacek Zieba which shows How Apple may integrate some much-demanded features into its iOS 11 operating system.

Some of the most-requested features by the iPhone users are included in the video such as multiple user support and dark-mode theme. Also some normal additions as better Storage management System.

This Video does a great job by giving ideas about specific features which Apple may introduce with iOS 11 and making its users to get excited for. Some of the highlighted features in the concept video are highly unlikely to make their way into the iOS.

Be sure to check it out in its entirety, you will not regret it.

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