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iOS 10.3 Features: What’s New

Apple has released the latest iOS 10.3 that will highly likely be the last major point release for the iOS 10. This time company has brought some major changes to the mobile OS as some additions are really surprising as different features been added for better user experience. These updates and new features include an all-new Find my AirPods feature, the introduction of Apple File System (APFS), Siri got updated and much more. By Updating, your device will become faster than before as there are some features that enhance overall speed of the device such as APFS and some UI changes. There are some other new features that we have never seen before.

ios 10.3 new features

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For the detailed rundown of iOS 10.3 new features, please keep reading.

iOS 10.3 New Features

Here’s a detailed rundown of some of the prominent new features and improvements that Apple has introduced in ioS 10.3 software update:

Apple FileSystem (APFS)

Apple has introduced new Apple File System in iOS 10.3. The APFS is the most important feature of iOS 10.3. Apple has replaced HFS+ that was used by Apple for 30 years, with its own File System called the Apple File System (APFS).

Apple’s own File system has better storage performance. The users who have been rocking iOS 10.3 beta versions, reported that they got as much as 5GB of their storage back after installing the beta versions. Thanks to Apple that they have introduced their own File System resulting in considerable storage availability and performance improvements.

For older devices like the iPhone 5s, APFS brings better performance than before. After updating, the iPhone will be snappy and more stable. For users having a bad experience while using previous iOS versions as their device might have become slower, this iOS has some serious issues fixed resulting in snappy performance.

Moreover, the shifting to APFS is stable. You will not lose any of your personal data that you’ve on your device.

Find my AirPods

Many AirPods owners are experiencing the accidental loss of misplacement of their wireless AirPods. Even it is hard to find a misplaced AirPod in the home. These new AirPods seems pretty easy to lose or misplace, this is where the new Find my AirPods feature will sure help out the user.

Open Find my iPhone, you’ll find a new tab for Find my AirPods. Tap the button to play a high pitch sound in the AirPods which will keep increasing with the passage of time. This feature, however, only works when your AirPods are connected to the iPhone through Bluetooth and are functional.

If it does not find active AirPods nearby, you will get the last location of your AirPods.

App Store View changed

Afte numerous years of App Store existence, developers are finally able to leave replies on the review of their Apps in the App Store. This will help developers to get knowledge about critics and help the developer add more info about the app that will help out users to understand its features. The developer’s replies are visible to everyone. A review can be rated using 3D touch feature.

Another new option that is updated in App store and iTunes Store is that annoying pop-ups to rate the app can now be disabled along with the in-app purchases.

Siri Learns more about Cricket

Nowadays, Cricket is a great and interesting sport played in different countries. Siri gets to know that cricket is now played in different regions around the globe. Siri can now be used to learn more about scores of cricket matches. Now, Just ask Siri about “Whats the score for the last cricket match” and she’ll get you the results. It can now get results for the Champions trophies and the World Cup Series.

Additionally, Siri is now capable of paying bills and can schedule Uber rides hours in advance.

Updated Settings Interface and a New Profile Section

By opening the settings, You will see your name and icon containing your pic on the top. Tap on it and your full profile will be loaded, that includes your iCloud, iTunes, and App store details as well. Right below that you’ll see some important notifications relating to your apple account if any.

In the iCloud setting, the storage space available is now more represented with a graphical bar to give you a quick look at the stuff that’s taking your device’s storage.

App icons Changed

iOS 10.3 give developers some more permission by providing them dynamic App changing feature. With this feature, they can update app icon without pushing an app update.

There, however, are some limitations to prevent its abusive use. The app icon will only be changeable when users give the permission to do so. So, one must not expect to change their favorite calendar app icon to look like the stock Calendar app with the date.

Tweaked UI

iOS 10.3 added some new UI related features such as a new animation while closing an app. But it is not that easy to notice. When closing an app, the corners will become rounded. It actually looks nice as the animation blend in perfectly with rounded corners of the app icons.

When entering a passcode, you’ll see circles instead of dashes as an empty state. Some buttons have also been changed in the mail app. Up/down arrows are added for scrolling between emails. The unread emails are more significant than the read ones.

The Map got updated with some Weather Access

The 3D globe that appears every time you searched out something is gone. Now, Flat Earth view is available only.

Whenever you search for an area or a city, n little weather icon will be showed in bottom-right with the current temp of that area/city. If you have an iPhone 6s or Above, 3D touch will help you to get more hourly weather update of that area/city. Tap on it again and it will show all weather details about that area/city by opening weather App.

CarPlay Improvements

CarPlay App switching is now much easier to use. Instead of going to home screen, the most recent three apps will be shown in the left sidebar, all the time and it is very easy to switch just by one tap. This should make switching between your maps, media, and phone app a breeze.

It also shows electric charging EV’s. The about section in the setting have details about CarPlay in which it will tell you which exact software version you are running.

PodCast Widgets

iOS 10.3 introduces a new widget for the podcasts App. It is same as the music app in which you will see the artwork of podcast and tapping on it will start it. Still, there are no playback control or queue management available on the widget.


To dim light, switches shortcuts are now available in the Control Center.

Theatre Mode for Apple Watch

WatchOS 3.2 now brings new theater mode. Against what majority expected, this is not the Dark mode for iOS 10.3.

When using theater mode, it turns on silent mode. While walking, the Wrist Raise feature will disable the display awakening function. Although, you’ll get notifications but the display will not awake. You will have to awake display and see notifications for yourself. It is an important feature while using the device in a dark environment or watching a movie or something like that.

You can activate this feature by swiping up from watch face to open up control center.

Bug Fixes

As always, apple has cleared out some remaining bugs identified in the previous beta versions. These bugs include the ones that lead to some bad UI issues. The most cursed bug was the one when someone texts a string to someone and their mobile got frozen the moment they checked their text.

Should You Upgrade? Yes

I’ll admit, the prospect of a new file system on your daily driver does seem scary but Apple has done it very well. The OS file system transition is pretty smooth and only takes 10-15 minutes. After that, you end up have Apple’s latest and greatest operating system with snappier performance.

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