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The ‘Stealth Case’ That Apple Uses to Keep iPhones Prototype a Secret [Photos]

Every new iPhone model goes through various stages of different testing and it also involves engineers taking the prototypes or test units out in the wild with them. Apple does try to keep the world in the dark while an upcoming device is in the testing phase and use various stealth cases for the prototypes/test units until it is ready for the launch.

iphone stealth case

A few leaked photo of what is being called ‘Stealth Case’, which Apple allegedly use to hide its testing units of the new iPhone, have surfaced. Sonny Dickson who has shared these leaked images claims that Apple is using this ‘Stealth Case’ for the testing units of the upcoming iPhone that engineers take outside of Apple headquarters for testing purposes.

The leaked photos show a stealth case that Apple used for the iPhone 6s Plus testing, but it is believed that Apple uses similar stealth cases for other iPhone models. The design of the case helps Apple is hiding the actually look and design of the handset. This way no one, even the ones affiliated with Apple, knows what the next iPhone will look like ahead of the official launch.

No one gets a peek into the device even when the engineers are outside the Apple headquarters for testing purposes. There is a security tape along the sides of the stealth case that notifies Apple if someone tries to crack open the case to get a peek inside.

Other than the stealth case, there is a paper passport that goes along with any testing unit of iPhone, to keep tabs on quality control testing of the handset. To keep track of the testing unit, Apple had also engraved the iPhone 6s Plus prototype with a QR code.

iphone passport

“Each component or product that is tested they document in the page,” said Dickson. “The person writes their initials next to it and any notes about it passing or failing or any other comments. It makes its way through each test/person. It then is finally sent with its ‘passport’ from China to Apple.”

While Apple trying its best to keep it’s yet to be released products a secret, it does not always work. iPhone 4 is was biggest instance where a pre-released iPhone model was revealed to the world before the official launch, back in 2010. Still, it is interesting to see the lengths Apple will go to test and keep its devices hidden from the world before the official announcement.

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