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Here’s the First Drone Footage of “Apple Park”

Apple recently named its Spaceship looking campus “Apple Park” and since its official naming, we have our first drone footage of the campus that shares a look at the ongoing progress of the campus as the official employee move-in date in April approaches.

apple park

In a previous video update, which was released back in January, we were shown walkways, lamps, and the appearance of parking lots on the site. In this latest installment of the ariel coverage, the R&D center looks “as polished as ever”. The video clearly shows that the solar panel installation on the vehicle garages has reached the 100% completion mark. More solar panels have been added to the main circular building, but the front end of the building is yet to see the completion goals.

Just like previous updates, the landscape work is the major part of the construction work on the site. Now the workers are preparing the area above the ground to finish meadows while more trees have appeared there. In total, there will be two miles of walkways at Apple Park and these paths can be seen cutting through the campus as well.

Fitness center has also seen major changes and the large courtyard inside the main building has also seen an ongoing progress. More trees have been planted and more landscape features have appeared in the center. The Apple Park will have 12,000 employees working inside it, including company’s CEO Tim Cook.

Other updates include “major changes” to the fitness center and the ongoing progress to the large courtyard inside of the main building. In the center, more drought resistant trees have been planted and more landscape features have appeared. More than 12,000 employees will work at Apple Park, including company CEO Tim Cook.

Apple has decided to name the theater at Apple Park the “Steve Jobs Theater” after the late CEO. Steve Jobs would have turned 62 last Friday. The theater is among those buildings at Apple Park that won’t be open when the campus begins moving employees in this April. It is expected to officially be ready later this year.

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