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iPhone 8 almost Confirmed to get Long Range Wireless Charging

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is widely expected to introduce long range wireless charging and such rumors still continue to make rounds. Now a report from Chinese Commercial Times suggests that Apple has entered an agreement with a Taiwanese supplier for a specific wireless charging related component.

long range wireless charging

According to a report from DigiTimes, citing Chinese Commercial Times claims that according to industry sources Lite-On Semi has received half of the orders for GPP bridge rectifiers. These rectifiers will be used in the wireless charger for the next iPhone. Lite-On Semi’s share also suggests something similar as its share price on TSE rallies by its daily 10% limit.

There have been reports floating around suggesting that the fruit company was holding off on wireless charging until it finds a solution for long-range wireless charging that does not require a charging mat. Apple’s competitors have introduced wireless charging in their iPhone competitors since ages. However, Android device’s wireless charging solution provide very limited benefits. The charging mat still requires a USB charging cable, devices must be placed in a specific place and in some cases this is even worst than wired charging as you cannot charge the device wirelessly when you hold it in your hand.

Apple’s wireless charging solution is said to be capable of charging multiple devices anywhere within range of around 20 feet. Energous successfully demonstrated the concept with its WattUp system, which company delayed to release to the public following a ‘ket strategic partnership’. This also fuelled the idea that Apple will be using the system in its upcoming iPhone 8. Energous plans to use it long-range wireless charging devices in coffee shops and airports.

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