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Super Mario Run Gets New ‘Friendly Run’ Mode

Super Mario Run for iOS has received its very first update since its availability for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Nintendo has pushed a new “Friendly Run” mode to Super Mario Run for iOS that allows you to compete with your friends that you have added in the game.

Super Mario Run friendly mode

While the Friendly Run mode allows you to compete with your friends, it’s more like a practice for the actual gameplay. This mode won’t give you any coins, toads, or level up enemies. The new game mode also does not require rally ticket to play it.

If you have already purchased the Nintendo Super Mario Run by paying in full and have not yet cleared any world, you can play the Friendly mode once a day. However, if you have cleared the world 1, this makes you eligible for playing new game mode up to three times a day. And if you’ve cleared World2 or above, you can enjoy five friendly runs on a daily basis.

Nintendo has already said that they won’t be bringing any new content to the Super Mario Run. With the release of new Friendly mode, the company has kept its words as the new mode does not bring any new content or level to the game. Nintendo will, however, help players in increasing replayability The new game mode will encourage people to add their friends inside the game, which can hep in spreading the work.

Nintendo Super Mario Run is available in the App Store.You can download Super Mario Run for iOS for Free that will give you limited access to the levels available. However, to get access to all the levels, you’ll have to pay $9.99.

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