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iPhone Users Report Serious Battery Drain and Sudden Shutdowns on iOS 10.1.1

Many iPhone users are turning to Apple Support Forum reporting a decline int he battery time of their handset with iOS 10.1.1. After updating theiriPhone to iOS 10.1.1,many iPhone users started experiencing a battery loss as much as 60% while the device is sitting idle or even when it is switched off.

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Other users report that their iPhone randomly shut down without their interference despite it has plenty of battery power left. Once the users put their iPhone on charging, it turns on showing that the device still has plenty of battery power left.

Users are stuck with the problem for now as they cannot downgrade back to iOS 9 as Apple has already stopped signing the firmware. Even going back to iOS 10.1 is not a feasible option as their device backup requires iOS 10.1.1. Here is what an Apple support forum who goes by the name helpmetohelpyou reported about the problem:

“I have the same problem with my iPhone 6 DYING SUDDENLY at 30% battery, using ios 10.1.1. This did not happen with ios 9 but it’s too late, I can’t go back now… believe me I have tried to downgrade multiple times! I can’t even go back to 10.1 because I need to restore all my apps from my backup which requires 10.1.1.”

He is not alone as the thread has seen a huge number of other Apple Support users reporting the same issue in the comments. The thread has already crossed 19 pages, with everyone complaining about iOS 10.1.1 battery drain issue.

The iOS 10.1.1 battery drain issue is not specific to any iPhone model. iPhone users right from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7 have started experiencing the battery life issues as soon as they updated to iOS 10.1.1.

Some users have reported that turning off Raise to Wake feature on their iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 increased the battery life on iOS 10.1.1, but there is no concrete solution to the problem. Users, however, can upgrade to iOS 10.2 beta in hope to get rid of the issue.

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