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Full-Body Skins can remove ‘iPhone’ and FCC markings from Jet Black iPhone 7 when Peeled-Off

Use of skins for the phones gives protection to the users from scratches and allow them to get rid of the pouches or cases for their phones. The users of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus having Jet Black model have already been warned about their devices that scratches can appear on the body of their phones, but now be aware of yet another exterior body related iPhone 7/Plus issue.

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A member of MacRumors forum found an issue that while the use of full skin protections gives the protection from scratches but when he removed the invisible skin from his device, it took off some of the printing from the device as well. He noticed that the printed letters on the back of his iPhone 7 Plus were shifted to the transparent skin protector. All the labels and marking like “FCC regulations,” “Model No.”, etc have been shifted to the removed skin protector when he saw it through the light.

“I had a normal protector on for about 1 minute and took it off. The writing peels right off,” says the user. Here is a video clip posted by another user that clearly shows what happened to the imprints on the back of the Jet black iPhone 7 Plus:

Another forum user wrote:

“The writing actually came off onto the clear Slick wraps just like pulling silly putty off of a newspaper comic strip. If you’re one of the people hoping to keep their phone in brand new out of the box condition this might cause a problem for you. I don’t know if the writing came off because the wrap is sticky or because it was a wet install meaning getting your phone wet then drying the phone could lead to the writing rubbing off.”

This issue is reportedly only in the Jet Black model of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Other iPhone 7 variants such as Rose Gold and Space Gray are not affected with such full skin protectors. Although the printing was not completely erased from the phone, but it became fade leaving a bad taste behind. This is the first time we are seeing such issue with an iPhone model that has not affected any previous iPhone models.


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