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SIM-Free iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are now available in US

Apple launched it latest and greatest iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus about a month ago. You had to have these new iPhone models to a carrier, even if you bought them off contract. But that’s not the case anymore. Apple has now started selling its iPhone 7 and the Plus SIM-free in the United States through its online store.

SIM-free iPhone means that it will be factory unlocked and ready to be used with any wireless network of your choice. It’s worth noting that a SIM-free iPhone 7 user cannot enjoy Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, which is a good way to get the next iPhone model without getting ripped off. However, these SIM-free iPhone 7 and the Plus does come with 18-months of special financing.

SIM-free iphone 7

Also note that all the unlocked iPhone 7 variants, except for the Jet Black, will be delivered by October 20. However,if you want an iPhone 7 Plus shipping times are three to four week for most color options, but the Jet Black variant have a shipping estimate of six to eight weeks.

These SIM-Free iPhone models are “World phones,” which mean you can use them with any carrier in the United States including CDMA networks such as Sprint and Verizon. You can also use these iPhones in over 200 different countries around the globe.

SIM-Free iPhone 7 Price

Now, you can purchase these SIM-free iPhone 7 variant directly from Apple’s online stores only. Expect Apple’s retail stores to start selling these SIM-free devices as soon as the shipping time improves which depends on the supply of the devices. The SIM-free iPhone 7 starts from $649 and costs an additional $100 and $200 for 128GB and 256GB variant respectively. The iPhone 7 Plus is priced at $769 and the max capacity variant is priced at $969.

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