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Man Claims Flaming iPhone 7 Ruined his Car and Trousers

Apple lovers and iPhone users were laughing at exploding Samsung Note 7 that resulted in complete disaster and call-back of all the units. In fact, Samsung advised its Note 7 users to turn off the device and return it. Now similar stuff has happened to an iPhone 7 users who is an Australian surfing instructor.


Mat Jones explained in 7 News channel of Australia that he left his car with iPhone 7 wrapped in clothes. When he returned back to his car he was shocked to see that his car was full of smoke. According to him , his iPhone burst and clothes were badly burnt.

“As I looked into my car, you could not see inside the car, like all the windows were just black,” Jones said. “Ash was just coming from inside the [trousers] which once you wrapped open the [trousers] the phone was just melting inside of it,” says the victim.

According to 7 news of Australia Mat Jones was sure that his phone was burnt just because of fire. But he claimed that he was not in the car at that time.

Recent blasting of smartphones has been a warm affair in the news. It all started with the Note 7 due to which Samsung face numerous reports of exploding batteries and damages done to the users. All this resulted in the discontinuation of the Note 7 and a total recall from the company.


As we know that Lithium-ion batteries extend the run time of the device. But Lithium-ion batteries may have chances to burst if they are overheated, overcharged or damaged. Jones is adamant that iPhone 7 is the culprit behind this fire incident and he claims that he never dropped his iPhone or used a third-party charger to charge his device as the phone had just arrived the last week.

This is not the first iPhone that caught fire, and it certainly won’t be the last. The good news is,such incidents are rare with the iPhone devices and does not happen every now and then. Apple is reportedly in touch with the victim and looking into the matter.

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