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iPhone 7 to be 35% faster than iPhone 6s, suggests alleged A10 benchmark

A recent report from well known KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple’s upcoming A10 chipset that will most probably be powering iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus could be clocked as high as 2.4GHz. Now an alleged Geekbench benchmark score of iPhone 7’s A10 chipset has made its way into the wild.

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The leaked benchmark scores of alleged A10 chipset suggest a 35% performance increase over the current iPhone 6s. The alleged iPhone 7 benchmark reveals 3379 scores for single core and 5497 for multicore while the iPhone 6s scores 2392 in the single core and 4031 in the multicore benchmark. The alleged iPhone 7 benchmark scores are even higher than the iPad Pro that is powered by the beastly A9X chipset.

The model used in these alleged benchmark scores seems to be the iPhone 7 since it reportedly will come with 2GB of RAM module. The GeekBench results show that the iPhone 7 chipset is clocked at 400GHz, which is very odd. But there is an explanation that iOS does not reveal such details, so the benchmarking application is making a guess about the clock speed.

If these alleged iPhone 7 Geekbech scores are anything to go by, it looks like Apple’s next-generation iPhone models are going to offer a huge upgrade over the current beastly A9 chipset that powers iPhone 6s. If other power hungry rumored features such as 4K video @60FPS, refocusing anywhere after taking the picture, and dual-lens camera setup are meant to debut with iPhone 7, the A10 chipset with the said performance will surely be the key in providing a smooth experience.

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