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How to Change Brightness of Flashlight / Torch in iOS 10

Some of the features of iOS 10 are only available to a certain number of devices with specific hardware features. Use of 3D Touch gesture to clear all notifications in the Notification Center and interactive notifications is one such example. Similarly, you can use 3D Touch in Control Center to perform quick actions. These 3D Touch dependent features and only be used on devices with 3D Touch capabilities.

In iOS 10, you can use 3D Touch gesture on the flashlight icon in Control Center to adjust the brightness level to low, medium, or high. Keep on reading to find out the exact steps required to change flashlight brightness in iOS 10.

change iphone flashlight brightness

How to Control Flashlight Brightness in iOS 10

* These steps are performed on your iPhone.
* Since this feature involves the use of 3D Touch, it works only on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or newer devices.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom edge of your screen to access the Control Center.
  2. Press firmly on the Touch/Flashlight icon.
  3. The 3D Touch menu will appear giving you three options:
    • Light Intensity
    • Medium Intensity
    • High Intensity
      control brightness of flashlight on iphone
  4. Choose your desired flashlight brightness intensity level by tapping on it.

Depending on your selection, the brightness of the flashlight will either become brighter or dimmer. Once you have set the brightness intensity, iOS 10 will remember your selection for the next time you tap on the Flashlight icon. However, you can change it to brighter or dimmer by using the 3D Touch gesture again.

This is a little handy feature available in iOS 10 especially in a situation when your battery is low and using this feature you can set flashlight brightness intensity to low. On any 3D Touch-less devices, you cannot adjust the flashlight brightness.

Unfortunately,there is no jailbreak available for iOS 10 otherwise, you could make use of Cydia tweaks to add 3D Touch like functionality to your older devices and control the brightness of the flashlight in iOS 10.

We think this a cool little new feature Apple added to its latest iOS 10 mobile operating system. What do you think about this functionality? Have you ever encountered a situation when you needed to either dim or intensify the flashlight brightness?

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