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‘iPhone 7’ to have slightly larger battery than the iPhone 6s

We have heard a lot about the look and feel of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 and that the new iPhone will come loaded with a dual camera system among other rumors. The rumors mill did not fail to churn out expectations for this upcoming smartphone.

A user of a Chinese social media platform, Weibo, says that Apple plans on using a battery inside its upcoming iPhone 7, which will be slightly larger than the one found inside the iPhone 6s. Going further into details, the posted claims that the battery powering iPhone 7 will be measured in at 1735mAh and the battery inside the larger iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone 7 Pro?) will have a capacity of 2810mAh. The current-generation of iPhone devices are powered by batteries of 1715mAh (iPhone 6s) and 2750mAh (iPhone 6s Plus) capacity.

iPhone 7 battery leak

It is worth noting that these rumored battery capacities for iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are still slightly lower than what Apple had offered in iPhone 6 (1810mAh) and iPhone 6 Plus (2910mAh).

Back in March 2016, images of purported iPhone 7 battery surfaced indicating that Apple new iPhone model will incorporate a 7.04 watt-hour battery. When compared to the current iPhone 6s, this reveals a slight boost of battery juice in iPhone 7, but pretty similar to the battery found inside the iPhone 6.

All this report indicates that battery side of the iPhone 7 won’t be a selling point of the device because a slightly bigger battery will be balanced out by the new A10 processor. So, if the rumor turns out to be true, iPhone 7 users will most probably be getting the same battery life as the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 is rumored to bring slight design changes over the iPhone 6s, slightly thinner body, antenna bands relocated, and lack of 3.5mm headphone jack which is expected to be replaced by a smart lightning connector. A dual camera system is also expected to make it way on to the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

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