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‘iPhone 7 Pro’ Schematics Depict Dual Cameras, Dimensions Identical to iPhone 6s

We are still months away from the official unveiling of the iPhone 7, but it has not stopped rumors, report, and schematics from depicting the upcoming smartphone. Mac Fan, a Japanese magazine, has posted a detailed schematics of alleged iPhone 7 Pro.

The magazine claims that the “iPhone 7 Pro” will have the same overall look and size of the iPhone 6s Plus, but it will not have the 3.5mm headphone jack and feature dual iSight camera of the rear of the device.

iphone 7 pro schematics

Earlier rumors claimed that Apple will be ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of a thinner design, but this rumor claims that Apple will keep the same size. More specifically, the current iPhone 6s Plus is just 7.3mm thick and the iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ will have the exact same thickness. This makes the iPhone 6 Plus thinner than both of these device measuring at just 6.9mm thick.

Additionally, the report claims a dual camera system making its way on the rear of the device, which could perhaps be the reason of keeping the thickness the same. Numerous earlier rumors have made such claim, but all of them fails to provide the functionality of the dual-camera setup.

The image of the alleged iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ schematics does show what appears to be a Smart Connector towards the bottom of the device, which is in line with earlier rumors claiming a Smart Connector will be replacing the 3.5mm headphone jack. Redesigned antenna lines can also be seen on this alleged schematics of the iPhone 7 Pro.

While you should take this report some skepticism, it sure does lineup with the earlier reports and rumors related to the iPhone 7. From how the rumors and reports are building up Apple’s next-generation smartphone, it seems like Apple has chosen the risky path of introducing a new device keeping the same design and size and yet still remove the headphone jack, as most customer will likely assume that no headphone jack means thinner design. This year, a dual-camera system could be the biggest selling point of the new iPhone devices.

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