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‘iPhone 7’ to have a flush rear camera and antenna bands removed from the back

iPhone 7 rumors mill has started picking up its pace and a recent report sheds some light on the design choices Apple has gone with for its upcoming iPhone revision, widely referred to as an iPhone 7.

In a new report, Macrumors – citing some of its undisclosed sources, reveals some new details about the design changes Apple is going to introduce in its iPhone 7 model. One bit of the report talks about potentially good camera redesign. The report states that the iPhone 7 camera won’t have a bump on the back and it will be flushed with the body of the device. Going back to flushed camera design from a protrude design as found on iPhone 6/6s/Plus will be a welcomed design change for many iPhone fans.

iPhone 7 mockup

With another rumor making rounds claiming that the larger iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-camera system, this recent report fails to provide any information whether that pair of rear cameras will also be flushed with the body or not.

Another welcomed change from the design point of view that Apple is reportedly planning to introduce in iPhone 7 is related to the antenna bands found on the iPhone 6/6s/Plus. MacRumors reports that iPhone 7 will be designed in such a way that will remove the antenna bands from the back of the smartphone. However, the antenna bands will still be present at the top and bottom edges of the device. Removal of antenna lines from the back cover will surely give iPhone 7 a sleeker look over its predecessors.

While Apple is known for launching a redesigned iPhone model after ever ‘s’ model release, but the report says otherwise. The report indicates that the iPhone 7 will have looks identical to the current iPhone 6s. If this turns out to be true, it’ll be interesting to see the reaction of the masses.

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