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Apple testing multiple iPhone 7 prototypes with dual camera, USB Type-C port, and more

Within a few months of Apple’s latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch, the iPhone 7 rumors and reports have already started making rounds of the cloud. Ig this new rumor, which originated from China, is to be believed, Apple is currently testing multiple prototypes of next-generation of iPhone widely referred to as an iPhone 7. Why multiple models of the same device? it is because every prototype is different from the others with its own unique features, the report claims.

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The report claims that through multiple prototype units, Apple is testing multiple technologies including a USB Type-C connector, a full-screen display with Touch ID embedded into it, dual camera configuration, and wireless charging. While some of he recent reports have suggested that Apple does not plan on featuring an AMOLED display in its smartphone, this latest report indicates that one of the prototypes has an AMOLED display.

This report does not provide something too far-fetched because it’s normal of manufacturers to test multiple prototypes of a device which is currently in development stage. However, the hint of an iPhone 7 prototype with USB Type-C connector is really something of a surprise as it indicates that Apple might finally be ready to phase out its proprietary lightning connector in favor of the latest Type-C connector in its iPhone 7 model.

It worth noting that it is entirely possible that the final model of the iPhone 7 that enters production does not come with any of these reported features due to technological or manufacturing constraints. If we think of a company capable of introducing future technology, Apple is the first name that comes to mind – and an iPhone 7 with an integrated fingerprint sensor into its display does not seem far-fetched.

Share your wish-list of new features that you would want Apple to add into its next-generation iPhone model.

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