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How to Use LED flashlight for notifications on iPhone

We often left our iPhone on the other side of the room and missed the vibration alert for an incoming text or a call. Those iPhone users who also own an Apple Wach do not need to worry about such missing any incoming alert because they get those notifications right on their wrist without carrying around the iPhone. However, most of the users still have to carry their iPhone with them in order to be notified of a new incoming alert when the device is in silent or mode.

led flash alerts on iPhone

If you have used a BlackBerry device in its prime time, you’d probably know that flashing LED light was one of the most useful features. The flash LED would blink itself every twenty seconds to remind of any incoming email that you’ve not yet checked. Numerous top Android phones still offer flashing LED light notification as a built-in feature, but a majority of the iPhone users – despite having it as a feature built into the iOS – are not aware of it.

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system has an Accessibility section within its Settings application. Specifically designed for people with certain disabilities, the functions available under Accessibility section make people’s lives much easier. However, there are many features under this section that are useful for a wider range of iPhone users. Using iPhone’s camera flash as a visual alert for any incoming notifications is a perfect example of such features.

How to enable LED flashlight for visual notifications on iPhone

Here are the simple steps to use camera flash LED as notification light:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Go to Accessibility.
  4. Scroll down to the Hearing section and switch the LED Flash for Alerts toggle to ON state.

With this option enables, whenever you receive a new text, email, call, or any other notification, your camera flash light with start blinking to alert you.

If you want to disable LED flashlight notifications, simply follow the above-mentioned steps again, and turn the LED Flash for Alerts toggle to OFF state.

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