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iOS 9.1 breaking Touch ID fingerprint sensor for some users

iOS 9.1, which is the current latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, brought a huge list of new Emoji characters among other new features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. However, some users are experiencing lags with their Touch ID fingerprint sensors, and in some cases Touch ID fails to recognize the registered fingerprints of the user.

There are posts on Apple’s official support communities reported about their broken Touch ID after installing iOS 9.1 firmware which was released on October 21. After installing iOS 9.1, their Touch ID has become slow, fails to recognize the registered fingerprints, or simply does not work at all.

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Apple’s support forum is filled with the posts of users complaining about the Touch ID issue after installing iOS 9.1. One user experiencing this problem said that “The Touch ID was working normally before installing iOS 9.1, then after the restart and after entering low power mode, it stopped working.” Another user complained that “I’m using an iPhone 6s 64GB and upgraded to iOS 9.1 a few days ago. My Touch ID has become very slow or either doesn’t work after several attempts, and I need to input my passcode.” Users also mention that hard rebooting their device didn’t help either.

While the company rigorously test the software before pushing it to the general public, random problems start to surface as the software hits millions of the devices out in the wild. Apple users started experiencing issues with company’s mobile operating system since iOS 8, which was considered to be an unstable release.

We personally have not experienced any such issue with my iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, both of these devices are running iOS 9.1. But there are enough posts of affected users on the Apple support community that it certainly seems like a legitimate complaint.

iOs 9.1 is the third update since the release of Apple’s major software update i.e. iOS 9, which was released back in September of this year. Now that iOS 9.2 is already in beta stage, we hope that Apple will fix the Touch ID issues with the final iOS 9.2 version.

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