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The 4-inch iPhone 6c expected to be launched in mid-2016

Apple’s much-rumored iPhone 6c, a 4-inch variant to the high-end iPhone 6s, will hit the market in mid-2016, claims a new report from Kevin Wang, an IHS analyst. A 4-inch iPhone 6c was expected to be launched alongside the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus back in September, however, at the last hour, it was reported that the smaller device has been pushed back in the year 2016 instead.

iPhone 6c concept 3D Future-006

The new report from Kevin Wang, the director of technology research at IHS in China, claims that the true successor of the iPhone 5c will finally make its way into the market in mid-2016. There is no other information available from the analyst regarding the design, hardware and other features of the iPhone 6c, other than the reassurance that the upcoming device will have a 4-inch display just like an iPhone 5s/5c.

iPhone 6c related rumors keep on making rounds every now and then, and they just won’t die, which indicates Apple is likely cooking something to enter the smaller form factor market again with its affordable ‘C-Series’ of iPhone devices. However, only the time will tell if an iPhone model with 4-inch screen size will again see the light of the day from the house of Apple.

It is advised to take this latest iPhone 6c report with a pinch of salt. Back in August, Wang had reported that the iPhone 6c will be launched before the end of this year, which certainly doesn’t seem the case.

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