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Instant self-repair iPhone 6s screen protector can heal scratches [video]

When users spend a hefty amount of money to buy flagship smartphones such as an iPhone 6s, they do not mind spending a few more bucks to put on a protective film to safeguard the display from scratches. This new screen protector for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus claims to offer something which we have not heard of before. The transparent screen protector has the ability to healing when it receives a scratch. This self-repair screen protector is manufactured by Innerexile and clearly indicates that not only the mobile devices, but also its accessory makers are innovating to keep up with the industry.

innerexile self repairing protector

The company says that its screen protector contains a coating of microcapsules on the top of the protective film. These microcapsules are filled with an adhesive liquid which is almost identical to glue. When the protector gets scratched, the microcapsules of that location get to the work of repairing that scratch by releasing the adhesive-like liquid.

In other words, the protector does not actually has the ability to regenerate itself, rather an adhesive-like liquid flows through the scratch to fill the void. The result is a kind of an illusion that it did actually repair itself. Not bad for a protector that will protect your device for a longer period of time and costs around $25.

It’s worth mentioning that the protector does not provide an infinite source of microcapsules. Which means that once these microcapsules have been used up, the new scratches inflicted on the film will be visible without any repairing material left. However, those who take good care of their devices and avoid putting them with sharp items in their pocket can expect a fairly longer life from the Innerexile screen protector compared to the competition at similar price point.

innerexile self repairing specs

The protective film is just 0.2mm thick and has a hydro-oleophobic coating which does not leave the fingerprints. The screen protector is fully compatible with iPhone 6s 3D Touch display. Once scratched, it heals itself in a few seconds.

The Innerexile screen protector for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will cost you $23.99 and $25.99 respectively. Both versions are backward compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The screen protectors are now up for the pre-order, with a shipping expected to begin on November 3. For more details, head over to the Innerexile website.

If you’d prefer to get a case with similar healing properties, stay tuned for a couple of weeks as the company will be making another announcement in the mid-November.

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