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Apple may switch to Samsung made OLED displays for future iPhones

Apple is currently outsourcing the OLED displays for its Apple Watch from Samsung, its arch-rival. Now according to Korea-based ET News, Apple may switch to Samsung made OLED displays for its future iPhones (starting with iPhone 7s?)

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The Korean tech giant Samsung is already responsible for supplying Apple with OLED displays for the Apple Watch and now this new report suggests that the company could also be tasked to become core supplier of OLED displays panels for the future iPhone models in an attempt to switch away from LCD panels.

Apple has further incorporated Samsung into its OLED supply chain to diversify its panel suppliers, causing LG Display to no longer be the sole provider of OLED displays for the Apple Watch. Since the two have bumped up cooperation in the wearables segment, Apple is now receiving samples OLED displays that may be used in upcoming iPhone models.

Apple has always used LCD panels in its iPhone lineup since the debut of first-generation iPhone, the iPhone 2g. It is because OLED displays were considered to be inferior to the LCD panels in many ways. However, the technology has come a long way since then. The innovation has brought numerous advantages to OLED over LCD panels.

In fact, the AMOLED display panel used by Samsung in some of its latest flagship devices is considered to be the best display that we can get in a smartphone, with vivid colors, brighter backlights, and very efficient when compared to its competitors.

Apple has been rumored to make a switch to OLED displays for its iPhone lineup for quite some time now. It won’t come as a surprise if these rumors turn out to be accurate because Apple is already using OLED display panels for one of its wearables. The switch is rumored to happen in 2017 and Apple is said to be considering Samsung as its main supplier.

The report from ET News also suggests that Samsung has already supplied Apple with samples of its OLED panel and the company will be making a final decision, on whether to switch, in November. Apple has reportedly already moved forward with its plans for the iPhone 7.


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