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Lucky customer gets Rose Gold iPhone 6s early; posts benchmarks, photos, and 4K video

Officially, Apple’s new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders should be arriving customers on coming Friday, but there is one lucky AT&T customer who got a surprise with an early arrival of its pre-ordered iPhone 6s. The lucky AT&T user goes by the name @MoonshineDesign on Twitter has already received her Rose Gold iPhone 6s that she ordered through AT&T.


The lucky customer turned to her twitter account and shared numerous images of her shiny new device as she unboxed it and set it up for the first time. The photos confirm that the new devices indeed comes in the packaging that we have seen over and over in the past few weeks. The user has also performed various benchmarks on the device and posted the screenshots of Geekbench results from the device on her twitter handle.

The device managed to score 2413 in single-core Geekbench benchmark test that makes it superior to the iPad mini 3 and even the iPad Air 2. In a multi-Core test, the new iPhone 6s managed to score 4795. The benchmark results also confirm that the new iPhone model does indeed comes loaded with a 2GB of RAM.

In response to surprising tweets, AT&T – through its official twitter account – even went as far as to congratulate the recipient on receiving her iPhone early, seeming obvious to the fact that the device was not meant to hit customer’s door before September 25th. While this is the only case where the customer has received the pre-ordered iPhone 6s earlier than the scheduled deliveries on Friday, as the week progresses, it’s entirely possible that more customers receive their devices ahead of the schedule.

Now that Apple’s new iPhone 6s has made its way into the customer’s hands, expect more key tidbits about the device being revealed over the next couple of days.

Apple has sold out all the units on its official website ahead of the devices hitting shelves on Friday.

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