Multiplexer: a killer multitasking tweak for jailbroken iPhone

Multiplexer: a killer multitasking tweak for jailbroken iPhone

Apple has matured its mobile operating system over the past several years. There were days when iOS lacked the basic multitasking feature, which was later added to the operating system and then built upon. Today, multitasking on iOS devices has come a long way and the way users can use multiple apps on its iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch has changed significantly. With the recent iOS 9 software update, the iPad has got the split-screen multitasking that is being loved by masses.

multiplexer jailbreak tweak

There is always room for improvement and multitasking on iOS is no exception to that. Not everyone is happy with all those new features that Apple adds year-over-year to its mobile operating system, that’s where the iOS jailbreaking comes in. Jailbreaking an iOS device adds Cydia store to the device, which comes loaded with a plethora of jailbreak apps and tweaks. Among thousands on Cydia apps and tweaks, there’s Multiplexer tweak for iOS, which takes multitasking on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to a whole new level by adding multiple ways to multitask.

Features of Multiplexer

The Multiplexer jailbreak tweak has six core features that we can call tweaks within a tweak. Here are the six mini-tweaks or features, with brief descriptions, that multiplexer offers:

  • Aura – it is a comprehensive background manager that allows you to use gestures to quickly activate your desired type of multitasking for a specific application. For example, when you are listening to a song on YouTube, you can force it to stay in the foreground, but still go to Springboard allowing you to keep listening to the audio of whatever video you were watching on the YouTube app which is now running in the background.
  • Empoleon – this feature turns apps into resizable and movable windows at will. This feature enables the tweak pretty much suitable for the ultimate multitaskers.
  • Mission Control – allows users to create multiple desktops with different application windows created through Empoleon.
  • Quick Access – using this feature you can add apps directly into the Notification Center for quick access. A new tab appears next to Today and Notifications which will display the apps that you added to the Notifications Center using the Multiplexer jailbreak tweak.
  • Reach App – this tweak is based on Reachability and fills the empty area with apps tweaks, and widgets to take advantage of the free space available on the screen.
  • Swipe Over – This brings the iPad specific Split-screen multitasking feature of iOS 9 to the iPhone. Using this feature, the user can easily swipe an app from the side and run it side-by-side with another application.

Here is a video walkthrough of the Multiplexer Cydia tweak:

Multiplexer jailbreak tweak is available for $3.99 in Cydia under BigBoss repository. It is compatible with all the jailbroken devices running iOS 8 – iOS 8.4. This Cydia tweak, in fact, is multiple tweaks in one package.

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