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iPhone saves a student by stopping bullet during armed robbery

Last time, it was an iPhone 5c that saved the life of its owner by taking a bullet. This time an iPhone saved the life of its owner who is a student in Fresno State during an armed robbery on campus. While the iPhone stopped the bullet, the shooting incident has raised security questions.

The incident happened when the victim was on its way home to the Campus Edge Apartments on Monday night. The gates were open and the criminal slipped in with a gun. The armed thief stole the backpack and before taking off, he shot the student in the leg and took off with the laptop. Luckily, the bullet hit the iPhone which prevented the bullet from reaching his leg.

iPhone Bullet

“He took a gun after he took the backpack of my roommate, and he shot him in the leg, but my roommate is very lucky,” said Faris Alotaibi, the victim’s roommate. “I looked at his jeans and it was torn open. He showed me the phone, the bullet was very clear, destroyed it and broke it into pieces.”

The bullet completely destroyed the iPhone beyond repair, but it managed to prevent the bullet from hitting his owner’s leg. However, Students of the Campus Edge Apartments are now feeling uneasy. The victim is still shaken by the incident and has already left Fresno. “He wants to drop all courses and he will never come back,” Alotaibi said.

The students blame it on the management for keeping the gates open, day and night for the past few weeks. The management blamed it on a key card problem, which has since been resolved, but the students are still worried. Like many students at the complex, Alotaibi says he doesn’t feel secure at home anymore – even after the gates have been closed.

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