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A beautiful Apple TV concept based on iPhone 6 and Apple Watch design

Apple is all set to unveil iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during a media event on September 9. Among other new devices rumored to join the big stage, Apple TV 4 is the most likely one. Just like what designers do to the future iPhone and iPad, they have also put together some digital renders of how they conceptualize Apple’s upcoming Apple TV refresh.

apple tv 4 hajek 1

Most of the previous renders of other Apple devices, in the past, were mostly based off the rumors, but these renders of Apple TV 4 are not necessarily depicting what the upcoming Apple Tv will look like based on the rumors and reports. In case of the concept articulated by the designer Hajek, the concept is completely futuristic and presents an Apple TV made up of features taken from the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

apple tv 4 hajek 4

The remote conceptualized by Hajek takes design cues from the iPhone 6 with an elongated touch screen which sits atop physical buttons. The remote features a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and even includes a FaceTime camera. A peek at the back of the remote reveals four individual buttons encircling a circular directional control button – similar to the one found on previous Apple TV remotes. Hajek’s concept of Apple TV 4’s remote seems to be based on some of the reports that have been making rounds recently, and dual-control input mechanism seems pretty interesting.

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The actual Apple TV top box seems a bit otherworldly, but still it’s really interesting to see someone’s way of imagining an Apple product that may cost a bit more to manufacture but the output will be a great one.

apple tv 4 hajek 2

In the photo below, you can see an update to recent renders of a designer, named Andrew Ambrosino, who conceptualized the Apple TV user interface. This recent render shows an Apple Tv remote with a scrolling list of apps and a new lock screen on the TV among other changes.

apple tv 4 hajek 6
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