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Purported iPhone 6s display vs iPhone 6 display panel (video)

Apple’s next generation iPhone 6s is just a few weeks away now, and it’s not surprising that the images and videos of leaked parts of Apple’s next-generation iPhone models are popping up every now and then. We’ve already posted a video showing iPhone 6s backplate thickness, now another video shows a claimed display assembly of iPhone 6s being compared to current iPhone 6’s display assembly.


While there have been numerous leaks of iPhone 6s display panel lately, but this video gives us a close look at the panel. At first glance, both panels look identical, but there sure are some minor differences that may end up making huge differences between the two panels. The tiny gray rectangle on the iPhone 6s display is apparently part of the Force Touch feature. We cannot say for sure, but that’s what the folks in the video believe it to be.

The folks who uploaded this video also points out a few other differences between the two panels. If the display assembly truly is the genuine iPhone 6s panel, then you’d be surprised to learn that it is as thick as the current generation iPhone models. This potentially put rest to all the rumors that the iPhone 6s will have slightly thicker display because of Force Touch inclusion.

There’s no other visible difference between the two display assemblies. Both have a same size when dimensionally measured, FaceceTime and Proximity sensor are at their original place, and it’s safe to assume that speaker and mic will also stay at the same location as found on the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6s, which is expected to be unveiled on September 9, is widely speculated to come in a similar design as that of an iPhone 6, but with better hardware. Force Touch is one of the most rumored features for Apple’s next-generation iPhone models. Other rumored features include an A9 chip with 2GB of RAM, 12MP camera sensor, and a faster LTE chip.

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