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Leaked ‘iPhone 6s’ display panel hints at Force Touch inclusion

Few days ago, we posted leaked photos of various iPhone 6s components. Nowhereelse.fr has now posted photos sources from a Chinese repair company, which claims those photos to reveal a fully assembled front panel of Apple’s next-generation iPhone model.

The photos from the report show the front and the back shots of the purported iPhone 6s display assembly. From the photos, it’s unclear if the module features a much-rumored Force Touch – pressure sensitive display or it’s just a simple display as found on the iPhone 6. However, the display panel shown in the photos does look slightly different from the current generation iPhone’s front panel.


There’s a small rectangular cut at the top of the metallic plate that holds the display panel from the back and protects and separate it from the other internal components. Sure, nothing that definitely confirms the inclusion of Force Touch, but still adds some weight to the rumors..

There is one difference prominent in the photos: the display assembly riveted on all the sides. In iPhone 6 the display assembly is held in place using screws and clips, but this purported iPhone 6s display assembly is held by riveting on all four sides.

There’s no other or any exciting information available in this leak, but it always feel good to see something new about iPhone 6s popping out every now and then. Apple is expected to officially unveil iPhone 6s along with its larger sibling during a media event in coming September.


iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus are much rumored to feature a pressure sensitive Force Touch display as found on the Apple Watch and latest MacBook’s touchpad. This technology will enable an iPhone to differentiate between a light tap and a deep press, and it turn will respond in different ways like opening an action menu etc.

Other than Force Touch, the iPhoen 6 successor is also rumored to come with Apple’s A9 chip onboard, 2GB RAM, 5MP front-facing camera, 12MP main camera on the rear, and a new LTE chip from Qualcomm with higher download speed than the current iPhone models.

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