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iPhone 6s camera will take better photos in low-light conditions

We have heard numerous rumors to date claiming that a 12MP camera will be making its way into iPhone 6s and iPhon 6s Plus enclosure. This is exactly what Business Insider has heard from it sources along with some new details about the camera sensor. Business Insider claims that their sources inside Apple’s supply chain hint at a 12-megapixel camera sensor for the next-generation iPhone devices.

Apple has indeed improved the iPhone 6s camera, check out official details:

The report claims that the iPhone 6s camera will have a bigger lens on it which is designed to work with an improved and larger sensor to take in more light. A camera sensor capable of taking in more light means an improved performance even in low-light.

iphone 6 camera lens

If the report turns out to be true, the iPhone 6s will not only be capable of taking greater quality photos than an iPhone 6, it will also capture gorgeous shots in low light environment.

The report also suggests that the iPhone 6s will incorporate a five-elements camera lens as found in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The report claims that Apple will be using a lens made up of six elements in iPhone 7, will be launched in 2017.

Apple is currently ordering suppliers to produce five-element lenses for the iPhone 6S that are designed to work with 12-megapixel camera sensors, a person within Apple’s supply chain told Business Insider. These components are said to be in the mass-production stage and are on schedule, this source said.

In addition to the 12MP camera sensor, the report also claims a wide aperture for Phone 6s, which will greatly improve iPhone 6s performance in low-light as compared to iPhone 6. The current iPhone models incorporate a f/2.2 aperture while its competitors such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 contains a camera sensor with a f/1.8 and f/1.9 aperture respectively. Let’s see if Apple opts for a f/2.0 aperture or brings it at par with its key competitors.

John Gruber of the Daring Fireball has also claimed that Apple was planning on making its biggest camera jump ever in an iPhone with the upcoming iPhone models. If the reports turn out to be accurate, iPhone 6s will offer much better low-light photography experience than the currently disappointing iPhone 6 performance in the low-light environment.

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus during a media event on September 9, followed by pre-orders going live on September 11, and the devices hitting the shelves on September 18.

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