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iPhone 6s Camera features: 12MP, 4K video recording, selfie camera flash

For the first time since the launch of iPhone 4s with an 8-megapixel camera sensor, Apple is reportedly moving towards increased count of pixels by introducing a 12MP camera sensor in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. This means that camera is also going to see major revamp in the next-generation iPhone devices. A 12MP camera sensor would mean that the photos taken with iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus would be larger in size and resolution, and an upgraded image signal processor will keep the image from washing out or decreasing the overall quality, according to the 9to5mac’s sources.

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iPhone 6s will not only see a jump in the megapixels of its camera, the company has reportedly also decided to improve the video recording capabilities of its nex-generation devices with 4K video recording support. This will make iPhne 6s and iPhone 6s Plus the first iPhone devices to get 4K video support and one of the first smartphone devices to have to capability. Apple is said to use this 4K video capability as one of the premier addition for marketing purpose.

In addition to a revamped rear camera for iPhone 6s, the report also suggests improvements to the front-facing FaceTime camera for the device. The FaceTime camera of iPhone 6s will reportedly not only include improved sensor for better video calling and selfies, it’s also said to feature a front-facing flash. Opposite to some of the previous reports claiming a front-facing LED flash for the new iPhones, this new report claims the new iPhone’s display will take cues from Snapchat and Photo Booth, quickly turning the screen white when the camera shutter is pressed. Panorama shots and slow motion videos are also expected to make their way into the front-facing camera this fall.

Many other reports have suggested a 12MP camera jump in the iPhone 6s along with the support for 4K video recording. Even John Gruber believe that Apple may introduce “biggest camera jump ever” in its next iPhone.

Apple is all set to unveil iPhone 6s on September 9, during a media event for which its has sent out invites to the media folks.

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