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iPhone 6c with advanced ‘FinFET’ chip will launch in Summer 2016 [Report]

Apple’s much-rumored iPhone 6c, the true successor of iPhone 5c with a 4-inch display would not be launched this year as numerous rumors hinted. Instead, the smaller sized iPhone device is set to launch is Summer 2016, if the recent report from GigiTimes turns out to be true.

DigiTimes has backtracked from its previous story in which they had claimed that iPhone 6c will be launched this Fall alongside iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 6c concept 3D Future easer

The iPhone 6c will make use of advanced “FinFET” processors, which are designed by Apple and built upon 14/16nm process technology by Samsung and its rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), claims the new report. The new processor will not only add processing power to the device, it will also make it power efficient.

While the launch of an iPhone model in Summer feels not like Apple, it’s worth mentioning here that the original iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 were launched in the Summer. It was only after these devices when Apple changed its new iPhone launch timeframe to the Fall.

Ming-chi Kuo of the KGI Securities, who has an excellent track record when it comes to speculating on Apple’s yet to be launched products also said the Apple is working on next version of iPhone 5c, but it’ll be launched sometime next year. Another report claimed that Apple will be moving away from the plastic body for the iPhone 6c by introducing a metallic exterior for it.

A recent report claimed that Apple had the plan to launch iPhone 6c this year, but later scrapped it. Any evidence of this device didn’t appear in its supply chain since March. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Apple has pushed the device into its next year product launch timeframe, according to the DigitTimes.

The report also claims that originally Apple planned to include 20nm chip from TSMC in the device, but introduction of FinFET processor will not only provide specs upgrade, it will also consume less power, resulting in better battery life. Both the Samsung and TSMC will be responsible for manufacturing 14/16nm FinFET chips.

DigiTimes has a mixed track record about Apple’s product launch time frames. The publication have reported reliably about the supply chain information but is often off regarding the timeframe of Apple’s yet to be launched products.

The iPhone 6c is widely expected to come in a 4-inch display just like its predecessor and new metallic body. The device will be targeted at all those who don’t like the larger form factor of iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus.

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