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How to fix iOS 8.4.1 battery drain issue

If you iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s battery draining too fast after upgrading to iOS 8.4.1? Well, you’re not alone. Despite the fact that iOS 8.4.1 brought numerous fixes for Apple Music and also fine tuned it, several users are complaining about battery life issues after installing the latest software update on their iOS devices.

battery drain ios 8.4.1

If you’re one of the affectees and your iOS device battery is draining fast on iOS 8.4.1 software, worry not. First thing; Apple’s next major firmware update iOS 9 is just around the corner and second there are certain workarounds to get the battery drain issue fixed on iOS 8.4.1 software update.

It seems like it has become a norm for Apple to add battery drain issue in iOS as a feature. Every iOS update since iOS 7 has been plagued with battery life problem. Sometimes these battery drains severely hit the iOS users, sometimes it’s not that bad.

If your iOS battery life is affected by the recent iOS 8.4.1 software update, you can try the following tips to get the issue fixed:

Hard Reboot: To perform a hard reboot, hold down the Home and Power buttons on your iOS device simultaneously. Ignore the “slide to power off” and keep holding them until the device reboots itself.

Manage Apps using Location Services: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and manage the apps that have access to the Location Servcies. You can turn it off altogether if you do not use location services.

Battery Recalibration: To recalibrate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch battery, charge it to 100 percent, then fully drain the battery until the device automatically turns itself off. Now put your device on charge and let it reach 100 percent without any interruption. Now hard reset your device by pressing Home + Power buttons until device reboots itself, ignoring the “Slide to power off” slider. That’s it, battery recalibration is complete.

Reset All Settings: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Fresh restore iOS 8.4.1: If none of the above mentioned tips worked for you, it’s time to fresh restore your device using iOS 8.4.1. For that, download iOS 8.4.1 and then follow our guide on how to install iOS using iTunes.

Please note that above mentioned tips are like universal tips. These are applicable to any iOS device running any iOS firmware. So even when iOS 9 comes out and you experience battery drainage, try these tips to fix the issue.

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