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The base model of iPhone 6s to offer 16GB of storage capacity?

Last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch was met with a lot of criticism because the base model of the devices was released with only 16GB of storage capacity. Availability of limited free space also resulted in many users experiencing iOS 8 upgrade troubles due to low storage and the minimum storage required for the upgrade. This is why the adoption rate of iOS 8 was very slow compared to other major firmware releases.

iPhone6s 16GB

Yes, there’s a 16GB iPhone 6s model. for more details checkout:

Despite receiving a hell of criticism for last year’s devices with low storage base model, Apple will be offering offering the base model of iPhone 6s with only 16GB of internal storage, reveals a leaked rear retail packaging for the upcoming devices.

Even the company’s SVP of marketing Phil Schiller had to comment on the 16GB internal storage scandal earlier this year. He said that the cloud storage options are there to cover up for the lack of huge storage available on the iPhone internally. And the most of the price conscious people can easily live with this much internal storage on their device.

Since the base model of upcoming iPhones will have the same storage capacity as the current iPhone 6’s base model comes with, Apple has made much improvements to its iOS 9 software update and has optimized it in such a way that it plays well with the iPhone models having limited amount of storage capacity. Such tweaks and improvements include less free space required to install an OTA update, OTA updates can now be scheduled, reduced installation size of the app and more.

However, this rumor also makes the introduction of 4K video support in the upcoming iPhone devices doubtful as a 4K video weighs huge in size even when the video is of few minutes. It’s also possible that Apple is going to limit the 4K video recording feature to iPhone 6s Plus as the device’s base model is expected to come in 32GB storage capacity.

Apple has sent out invites to the media folks for its iPhone 6s event which is going to be held on September 9.

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Update 1:

Apple has officially announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. We have posted iPhone 6s specs, and also compared iPhone 6s specs with iPhone 6 so that you may find out the differences between the two devices, and do not forget to check best features of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

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