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Apple fanboys tricked into thinking Android running on iPhone is iOS 9

Apple fanboys will always argue that iOS is the best and much better than Android, even though the majority of those fans have not even used Google’s mobile operating system. This is exactly what this video posted on YouTube proves. In the video, iPhone fans are fooled into thinking that the iPhone is running Apple’s currently in beta iOS 9, but in reality the device is running Android Lollipop OS.

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Folks running a YouTube channel by the name Dit Is Normaal somehow managed to emulate Android on and iPhone 6 Plus and then showed the device to passersby and allowed them to play with it. They told them that the device is running Apple’s yet to publicly released iOS 9 software, many in the video believed them.

The folks in the video not only believed that the iPhone is running iOS 9, what’s more surprising is that they gave some nice feedback about the software (Which is actual an Android version). One of the users in the video commented that it looked better, another loved the Android’s pop-up music controls allowing them to change music while surfing the web, and another said it was faster and smoother.

One person in the video noted that the software on the iPhone looked like Android, there might be many other who noted the same but could not make it into the video. Still there are plenty of users who could not even suspected the software and believed the video makers that it is iOS 9 – Apple’s upcoming major software update.

The video shows people just love the name Apple, they are so attached to their beloved iPhone that they would even say bad stuff about rivals without even trying them. That’s what we call brand image, that’s how Apple is making huge piles of cash every year.

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