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Alleged iPhone 6s Benchmarks reveal 1GB of RAM, A9 Chip, and iPhone 8,2

If you are one of those anxiously waiting to upgrade your iPhone to a more powerful next-generation iPhone model, you might want to take next few weeks to swallow this potentially disappointed news. An alleged screenshot of a benchmark test ran directly on an iPhone 6s is making rounds of the cloud. The purported Geekbench system information screenshot reveals that iPhone 6s is going to encase an A9 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz and just 1GB of RAM. It is the same amount of RAM as found inside the current iPhone 6 model.

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The screenshot that is taken after running a benchmark test on Geenkbenh 3 shows an iPhone 8,2 device code, which is the model number of Apple’s next generation iPhone. The device is running iOS 9, the screenshot reveals, which is least surprising as the next-generation iPhone models will be launched with iOS 9 pre-installed.

An Apple’s A9 processor is not a big surprise here as it has been rumored many times over past few months. The most surprising and disappointing part of this purported iPhone 6s benchmark screenshot is the available volatile memory of just 989MB or 1GB of RAM. The majority of the rumors has suggested a 2GB LPDDR4 RAM module to make its way into the iPhone 6s.

Fabien Wanner, who claims to be a Switzerland-based developer officially employed by Apple, posted this alleged iPhone 6s benchmark screenshot on Instagram. If we assume it’s true what he s saying, but it’s highly unlikely that an official Apple employee can leak such confidential information without serious repercussion, but again the images have been taken down since then.

iphone 6s benchmark test

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the authenticity of these leaked screenshots as it’s very easy to fake such screenshots. No one, other than Apple, can actually know what iPhone 6s will hold inside its casing until it’s launched officially and for that we’ll have to wait until its rumored September 7 unveiling date.


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