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12.9-inch iPad Pro with optional Force Touch enabled stylus entering production this Fall

According to a new note from general reliable and respected analyst Ming Chi-Kuo of the KGI Securities, Apple’s much-rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro will feature a Force Touch enabled stylus to act as something like an enhance Pencil from Paper’s FiftyThree. Kuo expects the larger iPad Pro to enter production between September and October and that the stylus will take advantage of the pressure sensitive Force Touch screen of the device.

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Apple first introduced the Force Touch display in Apple Watch, and then Macbook followed the same foot-steps. It’s safe to assume that the pressure sensitive screen will make its way into all Apple devices eventually. However, it’ll be more challenging for Apple to implement the same pressure sensitive technology into a device with a larger display. It will be interesting to see how Apple implements Force Touch actions on a larger display and how Apple decides to build the complimentary Force Touch stylus.

Kuo also says that the Force Touch enabled stylus will be exclusively manufactured by Cheng Uei and could also support future iPad models depending on the software version running on those devices. He believes that the iPad Pro stylus will enhance productivity by offering precise operations than using the only finger.

Kuo also predicts that the company could sell up to 5.5 million 12-inch iPad Pro units and up to 1 million units of styluses accompanying the larger iPad Pro. For perspective, Apple managed to ship over 4.4 million Apple Watches in its initial quarter and Apple sold 10.9 million units of its entire iPad line during the third quarter of 2015.


Apple is rumored to unveil the larger iPad during an event later this years. The device is expected to come with 2732 x 2048 resolution display, stronger and better 7000 Series Aluminum. A newer iPad mini model with specs similar to an iPad Air 2 is also expected to join the big stage along with the iPad Pro.

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