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Leaked ‘iPhone 6s’ schematics reveals slightly thicker body with Home button

Apple’s next-generation iPhone model mostly referred to as “iPhone 6s,” has been everywhere in the news lately. And the trend continues with a new set of alleged schematics of iPhone 6s leaked into the wild.

The schematic sheet may its way to the surface on Monday showcasing a device that fundamentally looks almost identical to the iPhone 6s. The leaked schematics of iPhone 6s purportedly reveals a slightly thicker body than the current generation of iPhone devices. While the exterior of the device leaked in the schematics looks the same as that of iPhone 6, another recent report suggested that Apple will be making huge under the hood improvements to the device.

iPhone 6s schematic

The main area of interest in this leak is the slightly thicker frame. However, the increase in thickness is so small, measuring at only 0.2mm, that Apple may skip to mention it during the unveiling of the device later this year. Thickness, however, points towards addition of Force Touch technology – another feature for Apple’s upcoming device that has also been making rounds of the cloud lately.

The rest of the exterior of upcoming iPhone 6s will look identical to an iPhone 6, which is not surprising at all given that the iPhone 6s is a ‘s’ upgrade. Despite some rumors also hinted towards Apple ditching Home button on its iOS devices at some point in future, the leaked schematic reveals that Apple won’t be doing that with iPhone 6s.

Antenna lines, Camera location, dual-tone flashes, Lightning port, headphone jack, and almost all other hardware parts of the device are going to stay at the same location as they are on the iPhone 6. It supports the idea that iPhone 6s will look almost identical to an iPhone 6, but with improved internal guts.

Some recent rumors suggested that iPhone 6s will come loaded with 12-megapixels camera, 2GB of RAM module, Apple’s all-new A9 chip, and could still offer 16GB storage in the base model. Another report indicated that iPhone 6s will be getting faster LTE chip from Qualcomm, with capabilities of reaching 300mbps download speed.

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