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iPhone sales see an explosive 93% growth in India

iPhone sales have exploded in India during the second quarter of 2015. Apple has seen a sharp 93% growth in sales in the Indian market during Q2, 2015. The company shipped 93% more iPhones in India, which is more than double the 45% average growth rate it saw in other regions such as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey.

During an earnings call on Wednesday morning, the company’s chief executive officer and director said that the company’s sales around the globe rose 35% to 47.5 million units. “(In) India we grew at 93% and this is on top of the Greater China numbers that grew 87% during the quarter against a market of 5%, so, we did exceptionally well I think in any way that you look at it.”


Even this growth rate is higher than that of greater China where iPhone sales rose by 87%. However, it’s not logical to compare the growth rate of sales of the two countries where there is the sheer difference in the number of iPhone units shipped. Despite reporting such a huge growth rate, Apple could manage to ship only 0.5 million iPhone Units in India while the number of units shipped to China during the same quarter is estimated at 13.2 million units.

Apple has been very strict at pricing iPhone in the Indian market and did not allow local retailers and e-commerce site to sell the device at heavy discounts, resulting in a slower growth in the market. However, apple has lately changed it strategy in the major eastern market and has decided to push for marketing the device further into the country and allowed retailers to sell the device at whatever price they like.

Apple has recently expanded its alternative pricing tier option to India and other developing countries, wich allowed developers to sell their apps as low as 16 cents in these regions.

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