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iPhone 8 concept features Dual Screens and a laser keyboard

There are many third party cases available for the iPhone that acts as a second display to the back of your device. Such accessories would not be necessary if Apple itself offered an iPhone with two displays as standard. That’s exactly what this new concept imagines iPhone 8 to offer.

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Apple is yet to unveil iPhone 6s, and next year will be all about iPhone 7(?), but designers have already started imagining what an iPhone 8 may offer when it’s released. This new concept is created by artist Jermaine Smit, who imagines an iPhone 8 with a 2K or Quad HD display that’s “all about the pixels” on its front, as well as power efficient, low-resolution display on the back.

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While the front display is for amazing details, the secondary display will not only provide quick access to handy information, it will also enhance the battery life of the device by providing a low-resolution and consuming lesser power.

The glowing LED bar along the side on the iPhone 8 concept is, in fact, a “laser keyboard,” which has the ability to project keys of the keyboard on a flat surface. Other features imagined in this concept includes wireless charging, new design, and upgraded camera sensor.

Here’s the iPhone 8 concept video embedded below. Have a look and let us know what you think about this artist’s imagination.


[via PhoneArena]

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