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2016 Honda Accord will be the first Honda car to get CarPlay support

When Apple launched its CarPlay service back in March of 2014, a number of automobile manufacturer came onboard to add support for CarPlay in their in-car offering. Honda was among those launch partners and despite announcing support for Apple’s in-car offering from the beginning, partners are yet to launch any car model with CarPlay integration. Honda, however, has now promised to ship cars with CarPlay support in 2016 during an event in Silicon Valley.


CarPlay in Apple’s in-house solution available to the partnered companies. AutoPlay is a smarter way to use iPhone in the car. CarPlay fetches things that you want to do with your iPhone while driving and shows them on a display in your car. You can make calls, send or received messages, get directions, and listen to the music or an audiobook in a way that does not distract you from driving. All you need to do is to plug in your iPhone.

A recent report, 9to5mac reports that Honda has announced in an event that their cars will get CarPlay support in 2016. To be specific, the company said that Honda Accord will be the first model within the company’s lineup to get CarPlay support. The company also promised that Android Auto support will also be added to their upcoming cars in 2016.

Frank Paluch, Honda’s American Research and Development head, in his speak during the event noted that “It’s only the beginning,” which suggests that the company indeed plans on expanding CarPlay (and Android Auto) beyond a single model.

Apple has listed 34 auto manufacturer on its CarPlay microsite, along with three aftermarket solutions. Despite all the promises from Apple, the majority of its partners have not yet shipped a car model with CarPlay support.

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