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Series 7000 aluminum for iPhone 6s confirmed?

Since the release of Apple Watch featuring Series 7000 aluminum, the reports of whether or not Apple would use this Series 7000 aluminum in iPhone 6s has been making rounds of the cloud. The Series 7000 aluminum is reportedly 60% stronger than the standard aluminum.

Back in April thiis year, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reported that Apple did indeed plan on using the stronger Series 7000 aluminum in the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, its next generation iPhone models. The KGI securities analyst also made similar claim in his note in which he made several iPhone related predictions, including the use of Series 7000 aluminum in iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus.

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Now a report from Taipei Times seems to confirm that Apple is atleast testing the idea of using stronger and better Series 7000 aluminum in its next-generation iPhones. Taipei Times’s report is based on the information obtained from Catcher Technologies’ CEO, Allen Horng. Catcher Technologies is Apple’s largest metal casing supplier.

Horng said that “a surface treatment on a harder metallic material is a more difficult process than using traditional metal-casing processes,” reports Taipei Times. He further added that the production output for this new unit will be low at the start of its mass production.

While Horng’s statement doesn’t directly indicate the use of Series 7000 aluminum, but considering his company’s connection with Apple, and the phrase itself, it’s certainly possible that Series 7000 aluminum is exactly what he was referring to.


If some of the recent rumors turn out to be true, iPhone 6s will be getting many features carried over from the Apple Watch, including Series 7000 aluminum and Force Touch. The report doesn’t specifically indicates whether the Series 7000 aluminum will be used in both the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus or just the iPhone 6s.

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