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iOS 9 features – What’s New

Apple unveiled iOS 9 during WWDC 2015 keynote, which – as expected – comes with lesser overhauling of its interface and new features, and focuses more on improving the existing apps and performance. Rather than new features, which usually is the focus in any major iOS release, iOS 9 is all about speed, optimization and stability this time. However, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing new. Hit the jump for the list of new features in iOS 9.

iOS 7 brought major interface redesign and then a galore of features were added to the operating system with iOS 8 release. While adding a huge list of new features to its mobile operating system, Apple ended up losing the edge in the smooth and fluid operation of its operating system that it is famous for. Apple, however, has now addressed all those stability, bugs and performance issues with an under-the-hood optimization in iOS 9.

Other than performance improvements, bug fixes and speed, Apple has also added bunch of new features to iOS 9, Here’s the list of iOS 9 features that are new to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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iOS 9 new features list

We’ll be updating features list as more new features are discovered in iOS 9 beta releases, so bookmark this page and come back later.

A noteworthy Notes app

ios 9 feature notes

With the new Notes app on iOS 9, you can easily make a checklist of to-dos, add a photo,, map, or URL to a note. The new Notes app also allows you to draw a sketch with your finger and it’ll also make use of iCloud to sync your notes across all your devices. Using new Notes app, you can:

  • Add notes from whatever app you’re in using the Share button.
  • Turn lists into checklists – make a grocery list, a wish list, or a to-do list – and check off items as you go.
  • Draw a sketch in your note using different brush styles, and colors.
  • Take a new photo/video, use an existing one and add it you your notes.
  • Sync all your notes across all your devices with iCloud.

Apple Maps with Public Transit

ios 9 feature maps

Not only apple has greatly improved its Maps since the launch, Apple Maps in iOS 9 also comes with public transit option. With this new addition, you can ask Siri about the closest metro, next train, including in China. Not only transit option, the new Maps app will also show you what’s around you.

  • Transit – brings you public transit information with routes and directions.
  • Nearby – searching in Maps will bring you a list of categories such as Food, Drinks, Shopping, Fun, and more. And you can explore within each category to see what’s around you.

Multitasking on iPad

ios 9 feature multitasking

The long-rumored split-screen multitasking feature on iPad has finally become a reality in iOS 9. Apple’s approach is a little different than the likes of Samsung.

  • Slide Over feature allows you to open a second app without leaving the one your’e currently in. A simple swipe from the side evokes this feature so you can quickly do something such as respond to an iMessage while watching a video and get back to the video when you’re done.
  • Split View on iPad Air 2 splits the screen in two where you can have two apps open and active at the same time. Split screen is a useful feature in scenarios such as when you’re writing a paper in one app while copying the citation from the iBooks.
  • Picture in Picture lets you press the Home button while using FaceTime or watching a video and your video screen scales down to a corner, then you can open another app and your videos continuous to play.


ios 9 feature siri

Siri in iOs 9 has become more intelligent. You can ask Siri things like

  • “Show me videos I took at Iva’s birthday party.”
  • “Remind me about this when I get to my car.”

Using Siri on iOS 9, you can also get

  • Sports scores and schedules of your favourite sports team and get the current stats.
  • Up-to-date weather forecasts for cities around the world.

Proactive Assistant

ios 9 feature proactive assistant

This new assistant on iOS 9 will learn the apps you commonly use, the time of the day you use them and then it will suggest you what you might want to do even before you ask.

  • Listening to music and audio – the proactive assistant will automatically start playing music in the morning – knowing that you usually go for a walk at that time – as soon as you plug the headphones.
  • You can search for a recipe, photos you took on a specific event and more. This proactive Assistant is very privacy-oriented, everything is done on the device, and it doesn’t associate you Apple ID if you have to connect to an external link.

Apple Pay and Wallet

ios 9 feature wallet

In iOS 9, Apple has renamed Passbook to Wallet and added new loyalty and reward cards, such as Dunkin Donuts’ DDPerks. Apple is all set to reach one million locations accepting Apple Pay by next month, and by this Fall, Discovery cards owners will also be able to use the service as well.

News App

iOS 9 also adds a new News app with Flipboard-style layout. It will also offer customized layout, it will be interactive with photos and videos built into the text layout. Apple has already signed deals with the likes of NYT or Rolling Stones, local stations and blogs, to deliver some free content to every day News user.

Huge reduction in iOS Storage footprint

iOS 9 will be a great software update especially for those with 16GB storage capacity devices. Installing iOS 9 will require you to have only 1.3GB of free space, over 4.6GB need for its predecessor.

Battery and performance improvements

As expected, iOS 9 is more about stability and performance improvements. Optimizations related to standby and power consumption, apple claims to have added over one hour of extra battery life to your iPhone, while the new low-power mode will add up to three hours of extra battery time.

Android Migration

A new Move to iOS app allows Android users to easily migrate from Android to iOS. It securely transfers your contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books.

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