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iOS 8.4 beta 4 fixes Messages Crashing Bug

Apple released iOS 8.4 beta 4 to the registered iOS developers on Tuesday June 9. While iOS 8.4 is all set to bring the new Music app, one more improvement has recently been found in the latest beta. It fixes the crashing of Message app when a specific message containing Unicode characters is received.

At the end of last month, a Messages crashing bug was found in iOS that effectively forced any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to crash and reboot, and in some cases prevent Messages app from opening. In response to that bug, Apple posted an official support document offering an official workaround for the crash, but mentioned that the problem will really be fixed in a future iOS update.


Apple has reportedly patched the Messages crashing bug in the 4th beta of iOS 8.4. For those not familiar, Messages crashing bug occurs when an iMessage or a standard SMS containing a specific string of Unicode characters in received, which forces the device to automatically Respring, crash and even reboot.If the crash happened when the Messages app was opened in list view, it’ll crash the app again when opened. However, if the device crashed with a specific Unicode characters containing message open, then switching out of the message into another conversation will result in a crash.

The quick fix for the trouble is to send yourself a regular message, or utilize Siri to read the malicious message, which will then give the user the ability to remove that particular message from the messages list.

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