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Paper by FiftyThree adds Think Kit allowing you to create diagrams and more

Paper app, by the developer FiftyThree, has so far been promoted as a creative drawing app, but now the company thinks that the app might have appeal for business presentations as well. Paper has been updated with a new set of drawing tools collectively called Think Kit giving application a more business-like touch.

paper think kit

The Think Kit comes with Diagram tools allowing users to create objects like shapes, lines, and arrows. Using these new tools, you can quickly create diagrams, charts and wire-frames. While keeping the hand-drawn look, the app also keeps the Diagram neat and tidy. When the Diagram tool is selected, your roughly drawn shapes get turned into a neat versions automatically. The Smart Fill option allows you to apply different colors within shape’s boundary.

You can easily create pattern, rearrange and move shapes using the Cut tool. Once you’ve created your desired drawing, you can easily export your whole book or a single slide to either PowerPoint or Keynote.

Think Kit feature in the latest version of Paper comes as a free and automatic update for existing users. The app itself is also available for free, it used to offer in-app purchases but company made all its feature free back in February. It seems like the company is viewing Paper app as a hook to sell its stylus.

Download Paperpaper .

Checkout Think Kit in action:

Think Kit highlights:

Diagram — A smart pen with style. Think Kit’s Diagram tool lets you draw objects, straight lines, connectors, and arrowheads.

Cut — Rearrange and move shapes or words around on the screen. The Cut tool has a manual mode to draw freeform selection areas, or use Smart Cut to automatically select shapes without switching tools.

Fill — Fill existing shapes with color, or draw new shapes with the color fills. Like the Cut tool, Fill has a manual and Smart mode, where you simply tap to fill a shape in with color.

Presentation-Ready — Export your creations to PowerPoint or Keynote with our custom¬-designed presentation templates that make your diagrams look great.

Share Anywhere — Paper’s new sharing menu lets you open work in Paper in myriad other apps, including Trello, Slack, Dropbox, Box, and more. Export entire journals in PDF or PowerPoint format, or choose individual pages.

Smart Shapes — Founded on years of scientific research, Intention Engine™ is our trademark drawing recognition and rendering system. It detects and corrects dozens of shapes sketched in real-¬time – all while preserving the uniqueness and feel of hand-drawn lines.

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